‘Coral Brio’, is a project based on the emerging concept of serviced apartments.It has been developed as a hub of all commercial activity in the area.

It presents an opportunity to generate a mixed-use scheme planned for offices, retail and serviced apartments. The design is envisaged with two types of commercial activities like convenience shopping, business conference hall, restaurant, etc on initial three floors and the serviced apartments on rest of the floors.

The impressive external facade made of aluminum panels creates a dynamic composition of positive and negative volumes. The building stands assertively among its surroundings, thus making its presence felt.


The project is designed for mix landuse comprising of a 5 star hotel, offices, commercial and retail developments, food courts, multiplex, serviced apartments and future corporate office for Ramprashtha Developers. It is spread over 15 acres of land abutting the 150 meters Dwarka expressway. The site is divided into parts by revenue roads and canals which have been utilized as an advantage for planning.  Site is planned in separate zones. 

Zone 1 : 0.5 acres (Corporate Office Building for the developer)
It is the lowest building within 18 meters height. The facade is specially taken care of to create some illusion. There is dedicated parking for this building marked separately on the site plan for the staff and visitors.

Zone 2 : 2.0 acres (5 Star Hotel with modern banqueting facility)
The hotel block is 45 meter in height and houses two basements for services and parking. Banqueting facility is on ground and first floors and the hotel is on the upper floors. The hotel is planned to accommodate 100 rooms. There will be separate entry and exit for the banqueting and hotel facilities for smooth and uninterrupted traffic movement.

Zone 3: 11 acres (The Commercial, the Retail and the Service Apartments)
This  will be developed in three phases. The tallest building of this zone will be an iconic building of 120 meters in height. Other buildings will have heights varying from 90 meters to 24 meters in an anti-clock wise direction. Designed in such a way that all the phases will developed with un-hindered circulation without the influence of the ongoing construction activities. All the buildings will have separate entry from the main road. Offices are planned in high-rises along a central landscaped area of almost 6 acres with retail facilities on the first 3 floors. The retails will be accessed from the central landscaped plaza. The buildings will be connected at the third floor level through bridges. 

The serviced apartment planned with separate entry/exit will have parking on the first 6 floors. The seventh and the eighth floor will have the club, gymnasium and dining facility and the upper floors will have the serviced apartments. The height of this building will be 60 meters. Planned with 3 basements in Zone 3 for parking. Proper traffic design will cater to the huge daytime traffic as well as pedestrian circulation. 


Park Town commercial is a development planned over 1.6 acres of land which is a part of an integrated Township. It is a corner plot with roads on two sides. The L shaped floor plans completely compliments the shape of the site, which is very narrow in width. The building accommodates spaces for shops and banquet halls at the top fourth floor. 

Shops are of adequate size along the interconnecting corridors. The huge mass has been intercepted by recessed courtyards in between to break the monotony of facade but connected by space frame. The facade has been treated with the play of solid and void. The use of symmetry in the elevation evokes a sense of harmony into the entire scheme. Glass and stone over the facade beautifully blend into each other. The happening exterior works in favour of the commercial character of the building. 

Being a corner building, the corners have been accentuated by introducing a surface variation in the glass. Special consideration has been given to the facade lighting design. Vertical ribs create a sense of verticality in an otherwise horizontal development.Double basements with separate entry and exit ramps suffice the parking requirement.